Who We Are

We are specialists in the exportation of sea salt.

Egypt Salt Group has started the salt refining from 1984 in the Tenth of October. Since 2000, the company has entered the field of salterns with Al Safia Salinas in North Sinai as a start of activity. The company is currently concluding further agreements in relation with new salterns to increase the production and fulfill the local and international marker needs. Furthermore, the company supplies food salt for most of the chips, snacks companies, flavorings and food production companies, and restaurants and hotels in Egypt. Moreover, the company exports raw and washed salt to its use in deicing snowy roads, this is in addition to the supply of the needed quantities for many salt manufacturers around the world, including in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, and Western Africa.

Egypt Salt Group is highly experienced in the establishment and the development of salterns due to its long presence in the field of salterns. Based on our experience, our company has the ability to supply the finest salt types used in all purposes, varying from food salt to de-icing salt.

Egypt Salt Group is deemed one of the very first private companies established in Egypt in the field of the manufacture and exportation of salt. The company owns plants for washing and refining salt in the salterns in addition to the world latest salt refining plant in the Tenth of Ramadan with a production capacity of 12/tons per hour. This enables the company from exporting around one million tons annually with the highest quality and most favorable prices.


Egypt Salt Group exports its products of bulk and packed salt in the large cargo carriers of 60,000 tons of load from Damietta port and small cargo carriers of 7,000 tons of load from Al Arish port.

The Chairman

Mr. Hamdy Sabry

Mr. Sabry has 30 years of experience in managing companies manufacturing salt of all types. During these 30 years Mr. Sabry achieved many accomplishments and contributed in the development of such industry for the benefit of the Egyptian market. He also has the precedence of entering into the market and is considered one of this industry’s leaders in the private sector.

Vision and Mission

Egypt Salt Group aims for the export of its products around the world. Over and above, the company looks forward for concluding joint-ventures with companies in Scandinavian countries and Canada to produce the dry de-icing salt at Suez Canal axes beside Eastern Port-Said port. The company is also after the increase of its export capacity to exceed one million tons per annum.