Egypt Salt Group has started the salt refining from 1984 in the Tenth of October. Since 2000, the company has entered the field of salterns with Al Safia Saltern in North Sinai as a start of activity. The company is currently concluding further agreements in relation with new salterns to increase the production and fulfill the local and international marker needs. Furthermore, the company supplies food salt for most of the chips, snacks companies, flavorings and food production companies, and restaurants and hotels in Egypt. Moreover, the company exports raw and washed salt to its use in deicing snowy roads, this is in addition to the supply of the needed quantities for many salt manufacturers around the world, including in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, and Western Africa.



Damietta Port  :-

Egypt Salt Group exports its products of bulk and packed salt in the large cargo carriers of 60,000 tons of load.


Al Arish Port :-

Egypt Salt Group  exports its products of bulk and packed salt in small cargo carriers of 7,000 tons of load.